World Outraged As Syrian Army Takes Back Aleppo


Several years ago, as Obama-backed Syrian “rebels” (terrorists) began “cleansing” Syria of Christians and other opposition in the most heinous ways imaginable, cutting the heads off of children in front of their parents, then slaying the parents; chopping up children alive who refused to renounce Jesus; burning families alive in their houses; burying Christians alive; laying a girl out on a frame saw and sawing her up alive because she “insulted the prophet;” chopping up Christians and selling their bodies as meat in “meat markets;”…the only ones primarily writing about the brutality, except for an occasional beheading, were Christian and conservative news outlets and You Tubers.


Obama-backed Syrian “rebel” after beheading a Christian! He fed the man’s body to dogs! 

Screen shot:

Where was the outrage when this and other such heinous crimes were committed by “rebels” (TERRORISTS)!…Read more

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