Obama Commutes 673 Felons – More Votes for Hillary!


Screen shot: YouTube.com

What I call the “commutie dukie” (God has a sense of humor [Psalm 2:4])

He is, however, often more serious about these things (2 Kings 9:37)


Obama commuted another 111 felons, the White House announced Tuesday, which will bring the total number of commutations by Obama to 673, the greatest number of commuted sentences over the last 10 presidents; beyond the last 10, who knows?

What else would we expect the Lawless One (Daniel 7:25) to do?

The Democrats are clearly desperate to garner votes for Hillary, even to the point of releasing felons to vote for her.

You don’t believe convicted felons have the right to vote? That used to be the case before crooked Hillary ran for office!Read more

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God bless you with the Light of the world.


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